ART. 039 Single Pin Clamp

AØ FlangeASTM A270DIN 32676ISO 1127MaterialCode
28251/2”, 3/4”  AISI 304039Z40050
3734 DN 10-15-20DN 8-10-15AISI 304039Z4D010
5350,51”, 1.1/2”DN 25-32-40DN 20-25-32AISI 304039Z40100
67642”DN 50DN 40AISI 304039Z40200
8077,52.1/2” DN 50AISI 304039Z40250
94913”DN 65DN 65AISI 304039Z40300
109106 DN 80DN 80AISI 304039Z4D080
1221194”DN 100 AISI 304039Z40400
133130  DN 100AISI 304039Z4D100
1701676”  AISI 304039Z40600




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