Special Components

Special Components

Rattiinox is orientated towards delivering services and products able to satisfy Customers requirements, as concerns aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing dedicated equipment, devices and systems. Our services will range from the simple consulting, also in the field, for a better understanding of the real needs, to the delivery of standard and dedicated process components, up to be complemented by process engineering

All this is guaranteed by Rattiinox thanks to a great staff of experts with extensive experience providing process engineering, components and systems.

Rattiinox is a true digital 4.0 factory, fully interconnected. The state of the art of the CNC machining tecnologies, such as 5 axis machining centers equiped with more than 100 tools, 12 axis multitasking lathes, ultrasonic cleaning machines, vertical storage towers and much more… Only the latest generation CNC machine tools are used to get high quality standards like 0,4 Ra surface finishing directly on the machine tool working. Rattiinox invest continously into R&D and new product engineering using 3D CAD, then simulating production on CAM softwares.





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