K_User Friendly

Tangential connection,
no elbow needed

Internal design
free from
asymptotic closure

Reduced ratio
in correspondence
to the entrance
of satellite valve

Internal design
free from 
asymptotic closure

Small welding
plate diameter

Valve inlet open
to the turbolence
of mixing unit

User Friendly

User Friendly is collection engineered solutions to give an immediate answer for several applications. Bottom Tank Valves, Aseptic Sampling, Aseptic Point of Use and many others. Ready to work in one tool ready to use, fully equipped with diaphragms, actuators, sensors and additional connections able to satisfy all needs including certifications and documentation. Designed with Zero Dead legs, without Unused Portions and with flush flow seal. Body shape and their internal design offer a very reliable component for Aseptic Processing Application. They fulfill all stringent requirements for CIP-SIP activities. 



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