TC Connectable Valves


Real Zero Dead
Leg design

Fully drainable 
internal design

Internal design 
free from 
asymptotic closure

TC Connectable Valves

TC Connectable Valves for SAFE areas are designed to intercept flow pattern when TC connection is available. Body shape and their internal design offer a very reliable component for Aseptic Processing Application. Standard version are short butt welding ends but, on demand, may be delivered for orbital weld or with Tri-Clamp connections. Shut Off and Flow Through valves are available in several configurations to fulfill customer needs on all applications: vertical or, horizontal installations, coaxial or tangential outlets as standard, designed for a full drain ability and free of unused portions or dead legs. Short and extended design as standard for most stringent applications such as on the vessels wall offering a real Zero dead leg in correspondence of the sealing area.



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