YE12-TC##-PTFE-2### - TRI-CLAMP EXTENDED SAMPLING VALVES WITH PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS AND DIAPHRAGMS are designed to take sample of fluids from the tank for most stringent applications such as bioreactors, fermenters and preparation tanks. The body shape and their internal design offer a very reliable component for Aseptic Processing Applications. They have a simple and safe design, with full drainability up to 5° of inclined installation, without asymptotic seals and dead legs, offering fast cleanability and sterilization practices. They are designed to fufill the most stringent demands of CIP-SIP and production activities in Aseptic Processing. Equipped with PTFE diaphragms acc. to USP Class VI-121°C, Pneumatic Actuators made from stainless steel. Tri-Clamp Extended Sampling Valves (TCS) are available for connections from 1” up to 3” in 2 different designs (Shut-Off and Flow-Through) and 2 different outlet configurations (1/2” Tri-Clamp and Butt-Weld). Adding upstream satellite valves (Steam, Water, Nitrogen, Air, etc...) and downstream additional valves (CIP Drain, SIP Condensate, etc...), a clean and sterile sampling can be achieved avoiding cross-contamination risk.

SizeTC1 mmTC2 mmPIPE2 mmTC3 mmPIPE3 mmA mmB mmL mmT P barCode
E1250.0025.00---61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC50-PTFE-2SO1
E1250.00-12.70x1.65--58.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC50-PTFE-2SO2
E1250.0025.00-25.00-61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC50-PTFE-2FT1
E1250.00-12.70x1.65-12.70x1.6556.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC50-PTFE-2FT2
E1264.0025.00---61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC64-PTFE-2SO1
E1264.00-12.70x1.65--58.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC64-PTFE-2SO2
E1264.0025.00-25.00-61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC64-PTFE-2FT1
E1264.00-12.70x1.65-12.70x1.6556.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC64-PTFE-2FT2
E1277.5025.00---61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC77-PTFE-2SO1
E1277.50-12.70x1.65--58.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC77-PTFE-2SO2
E1277.5025.00-25.00-61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC77-PTFE-2FT1
E1277.50-12.70x1.65-12.70x1.6556.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC77-PTFE-2FT2
E1291.0025.00---61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC91-PTFE-2SO1
E1291.00-12.70x1.65--58.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC91-PTFE-2SO2
E1291.0025.00-25.00-61.5058.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC91-PTFE-2FT1
E1291.00-12.70x1.65-12.70x1.6556.5055.50108.00-80 / 200-1 / 6YE12-TC91-PTFE-2FT2

All dimensions are in mm - All data may change without prior notice



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