Rattiinox Cyber Factory One coming soon!


Rattiinox Cyber Factory One coming soon!

Rattiinox is pleased to announce that we signed the contract for a new factory, with over excess of 4400m² covered area, on a total area of 7000m². 

We have already placed orders for some new machinery:
- 5 axis CNC machining center equipped with 32 pallets and 120 tools from Matsuura
- Nakamura Tome NTRX300L super Multitasking lathe equipped with robot for machine tending
- Modula vertical storage 8 meters high for finished parts
- Ciampalini vertical storage for bars of raw material, 12 meters high, 230 ton capacity

The existing Rattiinox is already a 4.0 factory, with all machinery controlled by a centralized computer system and working 24/7 – whilst the employees work a single shift, five days per week. In the new factory, which we call Cyber Factory One, we will go one step further, automating all material movements within the factory. During the next weeks, we will place orders for various AGVs that will manage all internal movements of all parts and a new fully automated robotic washing system.
Inside the 3-floor office building, we will be pleased to arrange meetings and training courses for all our customers.

We established a partnership with Politecnico Milano University, so we have a new 200m² R&D area where we will develop and test new products, conduct cleanability and life tests on our valves and those of competitors, etc.

Rattiinox is investing 6M€ in Cyber Factory One at this stage to increase our capacity substantially now – and leave ample space for future expansion in a short timeframe. Our intention is not only to have the most easily CIP-cleaned valves with the longest maintenance period (machined from solid PTFE radial diaphragms) – but also to remain highly flexible with a wide range of valve versions ½” to 4” and best-of-class lead times.

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