FarmaForum 2022


FarmaForum 2022, Madrid – 5-6 October 2022

We are passionate about helping to make your process safer for the patient, more productive and profitable for you and more sustainable for the planet. 

At FarmaForum our Spanish distributor Halltech will be showing the range of Rattiinox aseptic valves that offer major advantages compared with legacy weir-type valves:

  1. Cleanability: our valves help make CIP cleaning processes rapid and robust – using much less time energy, water and chemicals. In a recent example cleaning time was reduced 97%, but 75-80% reductions are typical.

    Clean by Design – not by Overkill.

  2. Resistance: our valves resist thousands of aggressive CIP and high temperature SIP cycles with zero damage and no cross-contamination risk. Typical 5-6 year maintenance period.

    We sell Reliability – not Diaphragms.

  3. Pulsating vacuum/steam: our diaphragms resist vacuum whilst extremely hot. This makes possible pulsating vacuum/steam accelerated SIP cycles (as used for decades in autoclaves) and condensate evaporation to accelerate DIP and cooling.


The Halltech stand will also feature two new developments from Rattiinox: a PUPSIT-friendly filter and a special mini-bioreactor (or tulip type) dished bottom with valves incorporated, offering excellent drainage and mixing down to minimum volumes.


Halltech stand: C05 – to the left at the show entrance.

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