We are excited to announce that we will introduce at ILMAC 2019 in Basel an innovative sampling system from Rattiinox, minimizing the loss of  of product in the drain-line of a 4-valve sampling system (SIP/sample/bottle-seal/drain). 

The bottle-seal valve + bottle are autoclaved prior to assembly on the CADCON, the SIP valve is opened to sterilize the sample valve behind-the-seat and the CADCON assembly, draining via the drain valve. This is then followed by drying. The drain is then closed, the bottle-seal valve is opened - followed by the sample valve. 

Both are then closed when the sample has been taken, the SIP operation is repeated and then the sample bottle + bottle seal valve can be removed and the sample taken for analysis.

Inlets can be in-line, at 45º and at 90º (in each case left or right), to suit vessel or in-line mounted sampling valves and with the CADCON interface or Tri-Clamp.



If you're coming to #ILMAC in Basel 24-27 September, please come and see this new product - and talk to Stefano Gugliotta and Walter Ratti on the Connectors Verbindungstechnik AG Stand E251 - Halle 1.1.

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